• This card works well with Ritual Monsters requiring a Tribute of at most Level 8; by Summoning one of them, there will be the necessary number of monsters needed to perform a costly Ritual Summon.
  • For using this in an "Xyz" Deck, DO NOT use "Goblindbergh" since the timing would be missed to use the effect of this monster. Instead use "Tin Goldfish" or "Kagetokage", also note that using "Tin Goldfish" will allow yourself to have 2 Level 4 Machine-Type to Summon "Gear Gigant X".

Traditional Format

  • Because a hand presence of "Gadgets" can be relied, they can flood the field easily with the use of "Ultimate Offering". In addition, if all goes according to plan, with the use of "Limiter Removal" there will be respectable strength monsters that can possibly win the Duel if your opponent has very few monsters to absorb the attacks.
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