• This card can be a useful addition to a "Scrap" Deck, since there are several Beast-Type "Scrap" monsters capable of destroying themselves or being destroyed by the effects of other "Scrap" cards.
  • This card's effect makes a good combo with that of "Ancient Crimson Ape", essentially nullifying the LP cost for Special Summoning this card.
  • "Destruct Potion" can trigger this card's effect, as well as compensating for the LP paid to activate this card's effect.
  • "Instant Fusion" can be used to Special Summon a Beast-Type monster, which will trigger this card's effect when it is destroyed during the End Phase.
  • You may Special Summon this card if you activate the effect of "Rescue Cat". You Special Summon two strong Level 3 Beasts, then if they are destroyed by the effect of "Rescue Cat", you can Special Summon this monster during the End Phase.

Traditional Format

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