• Use "Heavy Slump" after you give your opponent 8 or more cards in their Hand to get rid of those cards, refill their deck some, and deal 1000 damage at the End Phase.
  • Use "Enervating Mist" to prevent your opponent from holding some cards they have drawn by your effects, which benefits this card.
  • Use "Rainbow Life" with this card. Instead of losing Life Points for each card drawn, you will gain them instead due to the fact you can end "Rainbow Life's" effect any time during the End Phase.
  • Use "Solemn Wishes" to counter any damage you would take from this card's effect.
  • Combo this card with cards effects that force your opponent to draw, such as "Disturbance Strategy" and "Present Card", in order to quickly rack up the damage they take from this card's effect.
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