• This is a good card to use to get Synchro Material for Synchro Monsters like "XX-Saber Gottoms".
  • If you send 2 of your "X-Saber" monsters to the Graveyard for a Synchro Summon, you can bring them back with this card to Synchro Summon again.
  • This card is a good card to side in against "X-Saber" Decks. Since it requires an "X-Saber" monster on either side of the field, if your opponent has at least one of the "X-Saber" monsters face-up on the field, you can activate this card and Special Summon 2 of their own monsters from the Graveyard.
  • You can use this card to Special Summon any monster with "X-Saber" in it's name, including "XX-Saber" monsters and Level 5 and above monsters like "XX-Saber Gottoms".
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