(there are more efficient ways to negate monster effects. If this card was even a continuous trap...)
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* This card can be searched by “[[A Cat of Ill Omen]]”, “[[Lilith, Lady of Lament]]”, and “[[Trap Trick]]”.
* This card can be searched by “[[Lilith, Lady of Lament]]” and “[[Trap Trick]]”.
* This card can be used against [[Flip Effect Monster]]s.
* Use this card in combination with "[[Windstorm of Etaqua]]".
* Combine this card with "[[Stumbling]]" to create a great combo.
* Use this card to save [[Toon Monster]]s when "[[Toon World]]" is destroyed or to bypass the effect of "[[G.B. Hunter]]" and to prevent "Neo Spacian" monsters from returning to the Deck.
* Use this card with "[[Big Shield Gardna]]" while your opponent has two or more monsters to prevent it from changing to Attack Position.

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