• Since any card can be searched with this card’s effect, you can use it to easily add cards that are currently Limited, such as "Monster Reborn" or “Soul Charge”.
  • This card can be used in an “Exodia”/”Forbidden One” Deck, as it can search any card in the Deck and will keep the Exodia pieces in, arguably, the safest zone they can be on.
  • Necroface” will trigger when banished by this effect, allowing you to banish 10 cards total from the top of both players Decks (5 each). When “Necroface” is added to your hand, these cards will be shuffled into the Deck for at least a 1000 ATK boost.
  • This card can be used to set up for the effect of “D.D. Unicorn Knight”. If your opponent controls a monster and you control a Tuner, you can banish a Level 3 or lower non-Tuner monster from your Deck in order to Summon it via “Unicorn Knight’s” effect.
  • Banish "Dark Desertapir" in order to activate its effect, allowing you to Summon a Level 4 or lower Beast monster from your Graveyard.

Uses in Archetypes

  • This card can be used in a "The Agent" Deck by banishing a powerful LIGHT Fairy monster, it can easily be Summoned by the previously mentioned "Miraculous Descent" or with the effect of "The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter" (while "The Sanctuary in the Sky" is on the field). If you use "Jupiter" to do this, this also has the added benefit of putting more LIGHT Fairy monsters in your Graveyard to fuel the effect of "Hyperion", which you can then Special Summon later.
  • Use this card in a "Kozmo" Deck as it can be used in conjunction with "Kozmotown" to easily search any monster in the Archetype.
  • In a “Metaphys” Deck, this card can be used to banish any of the monsters, allowing you to trigger their effects during the next turn.
    • Alternatively, it can banish “Metaphys Ascension”, which will trigger its effect, allowing you to search any “Metaphys” card, except another copy of itself.
  • Thunder Dragon” can use this card in order to trigger the effects of any of their monsters (with the exception of Thunder Dragon itself.)
  • In a “Lightsworn” Deck, this card can be used to banish “Judgement Dragon” in order to prevent it from being milled.
  • Shiranui can also greatly profit from this card effect.

Traditional Format Only

  • This card can be used to banish any of the “Dragon Ruler” monsters in order to activate their effects to search a Dragon of the same Attribute as them. Then, two turns later, you will get the banished “Dragon Ruler” for free.
  • Banish "Elemental HERO Stratos" and then inflict battle damage with "Elemental HERO Voltic" to Special Summon the banished “Stratos”, allowing you to activate one of its effect and also allowing you to battle with it.
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