• Add two Dead draws to your opponent’s hand, cards that you know they will not be able to make use of because they’re not synergistic with their deck.
  • This card can be used in the “Magical Explosion FTK” Deck, to get to your win condition faster.
    • This same logic can apply to an “Exodia OTK” Deck.
  • This card can set up the activation condition of “Heavy Slump”.
  • This card can counter “Infernity” decks.
  • Using this card in a “Trickstar” Deck while you control “Trickstar Lycoris” will allow you to inflict extra burn damage.
  • You can use this with "The Suppression Pluto" to always be able to use either of its effects as long as the cards given to your opponent remain in their hand.
  • Use this card with "Mind Crush" to discard your cards.
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