• If you use "DNA Surgery" and choose Fiend-Type, "Goblin King" increases its attack points by 1000 from virtually every monster on the field.
    • Combining this with "Scapegoat" automatically gives this monster 4000 attack points.
  • By equipping "Megamorph" to your opponent's "Goblin King", or targeting it with "Shrink", you reduce its attack points to zero, regardless of the number of Fiend-type monsters on the field. (Any number x 0 original ATK = 0)
  • "Phantom Skyblaster" is ideal with this card as it will summon 2 tokens, giving this card 3000 ATK.
  • Use "Zerozelock" to protect this monster when you have no other Fiend-Type monsters on the field.
  • Use the effect of "House Duston" to special summon to the field, 4 Duston monsters on either side. Not only does this produce a 8000 ATK monster but it also has the potential to lock down your opponent's monster card zones from being utilized.
  • If used with "Lair of Darkness", the tokens generated from the tributes will give this card ridiculous ATK boosts, as its effect counts every fiend on the field.

Traditional Format

  • After this card is Special Summoned (via "Monster Reborn", etc), if its ATK doesn't exceed 1000, you can chain "Inferno Reckless Summon" to Special Summon another 2 "Goblin Kings". Neither of them can be attacked and they will have at least 2000 ATK each because of their effects.
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