• To get this card out easily, use "Gladiator Beast Secutor" and "Defensive Tactics" or "Waboku" to bring out two more "Gladiator Beasts", one of which should be "Gladiator Beast Laquari", and then fuse them into this card.
    • This proves even more effective when the other "Gladiator Beast" you summon is "Gladiator Beast Darius", as its effect will bring out the third Gladiator Beast you need to summon Heraklinos instantly. You can even skip the use of Defensive Tactics or Waboku by having Secutor attack a Defense Position monster your opponent controls. You may take some damage, but you'll end the turn with Heraklinos in play, making it more than worth the price.
    • Keep in mind, though, that Secutor must have been Special Summoned by the effect of another Gladiator Beast (or Test Tiger), otherwise its effect will never activate.
  • This is one of the few Gladiator Beast monsters that cannot return itself to the Deck for another monster to be summoned. Ordinarily you wouldn't want to return Heraklinos anyway, but in the event that you do, you can return it to the Extra Deck by using it as part of the cost for the summoning of one of the other three Gladiator Beast Fusion Monsters.
  • Another way to completely lockdown spells, traps and opponents' card effects would be to combine "Destiny Hero - Plasma" and "Jinzo"/"Royal Decree" with your Gladiator Beast Deck. This will make the duel be based purely on attack power. Of course, you can still use your own monster effects. You may want to use Tokens or Trap Monsters to Summon "Destiny Hero - Plasma" easier.
  • Since Gladiator Beast deck usually excels in grind game, try to Summon this card during the late stage of the Duel, to ensure that fewer threats that can harm Heraklinos for delivering finishing blows.

Traditional Format

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