• Since this card prevents your opponent from taking any damage, it's better to use it in mill Decks that don't rely on damage, alongside "Ghostrick Skeleton".
  • You can add "Ghostrick Mary" to your hand, then activate her effect when you take the damage from the attack.
  • Note that "Ghostrick Lantern" and "Ghostrick Jackfrost" will NOT be able to chain to the attack used to search them.
    • But, if you've already had "Ghostrick Lantern"/"Ghostrick Jackfrost" before your opponent's direct attack, you can stop some, or even all his attacks by constantly chaining Lantern/Jackfrost to "Ghostrick Parade"'s effect, and searching another copy, creating a swarm from the deck, so cards, that can force your opponent to attack you directly can be a really powerful addition to the deck.
    • Also, after you did search a "Ghostrick" card with "Parade's" effect, you can still, in the Battle Step, use "Ghostrick Scare", or "Ghostrick-Go-Round" to flip your "Ghostrick Jiangshi", and stop attack without "Jiangshi's" effect missing timing, and search for "Ghostrick Lantern" to potentially stop another attack, that threatens your monster, getting one/two cards for free.
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