• This card works well in a deck that relies on LP for effects like "Vampires" or "Darklord" which do not have many means of regaining the LP used.
  • This card can be recovered with “Salvage” to use again.
  • This card works well in an "Aroma" Deck.
    • In which case, and if the opponent is not careful, can bring you back to having the highest LP.
    • It can also help to pay, or to recuperate the LP used to pay, Dried Winds.
  • This card can help meet the activation condition of “Ancient Leaf”.
  • If you control "Fire Princess", each time your opponent Special Summons a monster they will be burned for 500 damage per copy of "Fire Princess". With just 1 copy of it, if the opponent summons 16 monsters in the same turn they will be burned for 8000 LP.
  • Chain this card in response to your opponent's effect that will Special Summon a monster, like Ritual Spell or Fusion Spell in order to grantee you will gain LP that turn and avoid having them halved during the end of the turn.
  • This card is a good counter against "Trickstar" deck.
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