• Use this card with "Final Attack Orders". It will get the monsters to your side of the field in Attack Position allowing you to attack with them right away.
  • Use Equip Spells with this card to ensure it can also steal control of your opponent's stronger monsters.
  • "Horn of the Phantom Beast" will give this monster the ability to beat most others while making its victories even more advantageous.
  • Use this card in conjunction with "Mystical Knight of Jackal": have MKoJ attack and destroy an opponent's monster (it has higher ATK than this card, so you'll more likely be able to destroy it), and have it placed on top of your opponent's Deck; then (visually) follow the card, and make sure it's the same monster they Summon/Set -- if it's a threat that you don't want your opponent to hold on to or if it could be beneficial to you, have this card (GKoJ) attack it and gain control of it; otherwise, if it's not too helpful for you, have MKoJ destroy it and keep placing it on top of your opponent's Deck.
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