• Remember that this card can also tribute ITSELF to destroy and burn, provided you can change it to a FIRE-Attributed monster. The most advisable cards are "Scroll of Bewitchment", "Genex Ally Changer" (Better leave him intact to Synchro Summon later), "Genex Ally Chemistrer" and "DNA Transplant" (Though this card permanently turns all monsters to FIRE, which might not be very good for your game, except if your plan is to abuse to the max the burn and destruction effects of Genex Allies "Volcannon"," Duradark", Crusher and "Triforce") .


 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Genex Furnaceジェネクス・ヒートEffect MonsterPyro520001300
R-Genex Magmaレアル・ジェネクス・マグナEffect MonsterPyro31000200
Thermal Genexサーマル・ジェネクスSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
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