• This card has the highest DEF for a Level 4 monster without any negative effects.
  • This monster works well in Rock Decks, since they rely on high DEF monsters. Also, its effect to attack directly makes it useful. However, you should use something to change it back to Defense Position.
  • This card would work well with "Super Crashbug", as it will be become a Level 4 2200 monster that (for only 800 Life Points) can attack your opponent directly.
  • You can use "Inverse Universe" to permanently change this card's ATK to 2200. This combo can be deadly if "Gear Golem" is also equipped with "Tyrant Burst Dragon".
  • After attacking directly, equip this card with "Spirit Burner" so you can switch it to Defense mode.

Traditional Format

  • If you have 2 "Gear Golem the Moving Fortresses" on your side of the field, follow these steps:
  • You can pay 700 Life Points and use "Weapon Change" to quickly inflict 2200 direct damage for just the cost of 800 Life Points.