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* You can get this card into the graveyard easier through "[[Foolish Burial]]", "[[Shore Knight]]", "[[Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls]]", and "[[Skreech]]".
* This card can be [[Searcher|searched]] by "[[Dogu]]", "[[Single Purchase]]", "[[Temple of the Kings]]", "[[Transmodify]]", "[[Downbeat]]", "[[Number 29: Mannequin Cat]]", "[[Summon Sorceress]]", "[[Whitefish Salvage]]", "[[Broken Blocker]]", "[[Sangan]]", "[[Rescue Ferret]]", "[[Mermaid Shark]]", "[[Mother Grizzly]]" and "[[Chaos-End Master]]".
* This card can easily Xyz Summon "[[Number 73: Abyss Splash]]", "[[Number 94: Crystal Zero]]", and "[[Ice Princess Zereort]]".
==Traditional Format==
:*In order to Xyz Summon "[[Ice Princess Zereort]]", use 2 "[[Sirenorca]]".
* You can combine this card with "[[A Legendary Ocean]]" to summon a "[[Rank 4 Monster Cards|Rank 4]]" monster instead.
* This card can be searched by "[[Last Will]]".
Level 5=
* [[Level]] 5 [[WATER]] monsters that can be Special Summoned from the Graveyard (except "Gazer Shark"):
{{card query|[[Level::5]] [[Attribute::WATER]] [[Summoning::Can be Special Summoned]] [[English name::!Gazer Shark]]|type=monster|medium=official|limit=10}}
Rank 5=
* [[Rank]] 5 [[WATER]] [[Xyz Monster]]s that can be Xyz Summoned using 2 [[Level]] 5 WATER monsters as Xyz Material via this card's effect:
{{card query|[[Rank::5]] [[Attribute::WATER]] [[Primary type::Xyz Monster]] [[Materials::2 Level 5 monsters||2 Level 5 WATER monsters]]|medium=official|extra_column=Materials}}

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Traditional FormatEdit


  • Level 5 WATER monsters that can be Special Summoned from the Graveyard (except "Gazer Shark"):
 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeTypeATKDEF
Amphibious Bugroth水陸両用バグロスFusion MonsterAqua18501300
Awakening of the Possessed - Gagigobyte憑依覚醒-ガギゴバイトEffect MonsterReptile2000200
B.E.S. Crystal Core巨大戦艦 クリスタル・コアEffect MonsterMachine21001000
Blue Dragon Ninja青竜の忍者Effect MonsterSea Serpent21001200
Bottom Dweller神魚Normal MonsterFish16501700
Catapult Turtleカタパルト・タートルEffect MonsterAqua10002000
Cloudian - Nimbusman雲魔物-ニンバスマンEffect MonsterFairy10001000
Crystron Ametrix水晶機巧-アメトリクスSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Crystron Sulfefnir水晶機巧-サルファフナーEffect MonsterMachine20001500
Cyber Sharkサイバー・シャークEffect MonsterFish21002000
... further results (48 more)

 Japanese nameSecondary typeTypeATKDEFMaterials
Number 19: FreezadonNo.19 フリーザードンDinosaur200025002 Level 5 monsters
Number 73: Abyss SplashNo.73 激瀧神アビス・スプラッシュWarrior240014002 Level 5 WATER monsters
Number 94: CrystalzeroNo.94 極氷姫クリスタル・ゼロWarrior220016002 Level 5 WATER monsters
Valiant Shark Lancerヴァリアント・シャーク・ランサーBeast-Warrior250016002 Level 5 monsters

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