• "Mausoleum of the Emperor" is great with this card as it allows you to keep two extra monsters you have as fodder.
    • You can also use "Star Blast" since it costs the same amount of Life Points to make this card summonable.
  • Using "Gilasaurus" as tribute fodder is also a good idea; your opponent will summon an additional card to be banished, which would otherwise be disadvantegous.
  • This card works fairly well in a Macro Deck. You can use it's effect while you control "D.D. Survivor" and/or "D.D. Scout Plane". This cards effect will banish then, which means they will return to the field during the End Phase.
  • You can use "Dimensionhole" to banish this card then have it come back later on to use its effect again, or even as Tribute fodder.
    • You can use D.D. Sprite as well, of course you will have to have means to protect him so Gandora can come on your opponent's next turn, remember that he will have 0 attack so only play this tactic if you have one or two cards to negate attack; provided you have them on your next turn you will have two monster on the field ready to use them for anything you want.
    • An awsome combo that pulls of this card is Seal of Orichalcos, as Gandora will come back on attack mode (remember to summon D.D. Sprite on attack too), the Seal won't be destroyed 'cause Gandora effect (or you can activate it AFTER you use Gandora effect, but before you use D.D. Sprite); if you do both monsters will have 500 ATK, and as both monsters are tied neither one can be targeted for an attack, making a very effective attack lock.
  • Summon "Phantom of Chaos" and Banish this card from your Graveyard then clear the field.
  • This cards effect can trigger your own "Starlight Road", albeit at a hefty cost.
  • Use this card with "Future Visions" to dodge the self-destruct effect.
  • In a Dragon Deck, you can Normal Summon this card, use its effect then banish it for "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon". Then you can use its effect to Special Summon another Dragon for two direct hits.
  • Set "Xyz Dimension Splash" before you summon this card. Upon summoning it, this card will banish it, activating its effect and summoning 2 Level 8 WATER-type monsters to the field, and then Xyz summon for a Rank 8 monster that requires 2 or 3 Xyz monsters for an easy OTK. (most easily achievable with "Megamorph" and "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon")

Traditional Format

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