• "Mausoleum of the Emperor" is great with this card as it allows you to keep two extra monsters you have as fodder.
    • You can also use "Star Blast" since it costs the same amount of Life Points to make this card summonable.
  • Using "Gilasaurus" as tribute fodder is also a good idea; your opponent will summon an additional card to be banished, which would otherwise be disadvantegous.
  • This card works fairly well in a Macro Deck. You can use it's effect while you control "D.D. Survivor" and/or "D.D. Scout Plane". This cards effect will banish then, which means they will return to the field during the End Phase.
  • You can use "Dimensionhole" to banish this card then have it come back later on to use its effect again, or even as Tribute fodder.
  • Summon "Phantom of Chaos" and Banish this card from your Graveyard then clear the field.
  • This cards effect can trigger your own "Starlight Road", albeit at a hefty cost.
  • Use this card with "Future Visions" to dodge the self-destruct effect.
  • In a Dragon Deck, you can Normal Summon this card, use its effect then banish it for "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon". Then you can use its effect to Special Summon another Dragon for two direct hits.
  • Set "Xyz Dimension Splash" before you summon this card. Upon summoning it, this card will banish it, activating its effect and summoning 2 Level 8 WATER-type monsters to the field, and then Xyz summon for a Rank 8 monster that requires 2 or 3 Xyz monsters for an easy OTK. (most easily achievable with "Megamorph" and "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon")

Traditional Format

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