• Use "Summoner Monk" to easily summon this from your deck, and Xyz to a Rank 4. You cannot Tribute "Summoner Monk" however, due to its own effect preventing it from being Tributed.

Traditional Format


 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeATKDEF
Beginning Knight開闢の騎士Effect Monster5002000
Blade KnightブレイドナイトEffect Monster16001000
Cameraclopsスクープ・シューターEffect Monster14001600
Cipher Mirror Knight光波鏡騎士Effect Monster00
Constellar Polluxセイクリッド・ポルクスEffect Monster1700600
The Creator Incarnate創世者の化身Effect Monster16001500
Creator of Miracles奇跡の創造者Effect Monster1800900
Cú Chulainn the Awakened覚醒戦士 クーフーリンRitual Monster
Effect Monster
D.D. Unicorn Knight異次元の一角戦士Effect Monster1800900
D.D. Warrior Lady異次元の女戦士Effect Monster15001600
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