• Fusion Summon this card with "Frightfur Fusion", by banishing as many Fusion Materials from your Graveyard as possible, so that you can attack with this card that many times.
    • You can Fusion Summon "Frightfur Tiger", using as many Fusion Materials as possible from your hand or that you control to clean the field, then Fusion Summon this card with "Frightfur Fusion" by banishing the very same Fusion Materials from the Graveyard and deal at least 10500 damage.
    • Having "Frightfur Fusion", "Polymerization" or a similar card, a single "Fluffal Mouse" in your hand, and another two in your Deck can all but ensure an OTK.
  • "Fluffal Mouse" is one of if the best material monsters available as the Fusion Materials for this card. By using it's effect and then by doing a fusion summon of "Frightfur Wolf", you will be able to attack for a total of four times, dealing 8000 damage if you attack directly each time.
  • Equip this fusion monster with "Fusion Weapon" for a 3500 atk beatstick that will be likely to be able to attack twice.
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