• Using this card's effect, Special Summon "Cyber Valley", and with its effect, "Fleur Synchron" can be returned back to your Deck.
  • Use this card for a Synchro Summon to bring out "Chevalier de Fleur", and then use its effect to Summon out "Power Supplier", giving yourself a 3100 ATK Level 8 Synchro Monster right off the bat.
  • Many good "Frog" monsters are also Level 2 or below.

Traditional Format


  • Level 2 or lower monsters that can be Special Summoned from the hand:
 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
8-Claws Scorpion八つ手サソリEffect MonsterDARKInsect2300200
A-Team: Trap Disposal Unitトラップ処理班 AチームEffect MonsterFIREMachine2300400
A/D ChangerADチェンジャーEffect MonsterLIGHTWarrior1100100
Absolute King Back Jack絶対王 バック・ジャックEffect MonsterDARKFiend100
Abyss Actor - Extras魔界劇団-エキストラPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Abyss Actor - Funky Comedian魔界劇団-ファンキー・コメディアンPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Abyss Actor - Trendy Understudy魔界劇団-ダンディ・バイプレイヤーPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
The Accumulatorザ・アキュムレーターEffect MonsterLIGHTThunder100
Achichi @Ignisterアチチ@イグニスターEffect MonsterFIRECyberse2800800
AcornoコロボックリEffect MonsterEARTHPlant1200400
... further results (940 more)
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