• Combo "D. Tribe" and/or "DNA Surgery" (declaring Dragon-Type) with "Scapegoat" to allow easy access to Fusion Materials.
    • OR, you can forgo "Scapegoat" in the above combo and use your opponent's monsters instead, if you use "Super Polymerization".
      • OR, you could use "D. Tribe" and/or "DNA Surgery" (declaring Dragon-Type) with "Scapegoat" and "Fusion Gate" "Field Spell Card" on the field, in order to Summon "Five-Headed Dragon" so effectively and effortlessly indeed.
  • "Dimension Guardian" can prevent destruction of this card almost completely, leaving your opponent's removal strategies more limited.
  • If you have "Lord of D." or "King Dragun" on the field, "Five-Headed Dragon" can't be targeted by Spell, Trap or monster effects.

Traditional Format

  • "Painful Choice" can easily deposit Dragons into the Graveyard for the usage of "Dragon's Mirror".
  • This is a great card to use as a Tribute for "The Tyrant Neptune", as it can gain this card's ATK and effect. Tributing "Hardened Armed Dragon" in addition to this combo will grant "The Tyrant Neptune" additional protection.
  • You can use "DNA Surgery" along with "Super Polymerization" to Summon "Five-Headed Dragon". Use "DNA Surgery" to declare all monsters on the field to Dragon-Type, then use "Super Polymerization" to either on your opponent's or your own monsters to bring out "Five-Headed Dragon". It is also very effective to use your opponent's monsters as Fusion Materials, so that way, they won't have any monsters to defend from a direct attack.
    • In a "Buster Blader" Deck, "Buster Dragon" can make the opponent's monsters Dragons, allowing for them to be used to summon this card with "Super Polymerization".
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