• If you have 6 cards in your hand, including at least 1 "Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight", discard the other cards to normal the "Swift Gaia" without any need of Tributing.
  • If you already control a face-up "Forced Requisition", your opponent will lose a great portion of their hand, if not their entire hand. Together, these cards serve as a psuedo-"Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End".
  • Before using this card, or during the Chain Link of this card effect, you may like using 1 "Forbidden Dress" on a Face-up monster on the field to prevent it of being destroyed by this card effect
  • Summon "Gravity Behemoth" after using this card to strike for 2300 Direct Damage.
  • Discard 2 copies of "Ojamagic" to make up for the lost cards.
  • Use this card in a "Fabled" Deck to Special Summon many monsters at once or activate their effects, since the effect of "Fabled" monsters will activate after the chain resolves.
  • Despite a powerful effect, this card should only be used if you're utilizing graveyard effects or have a serious backup plan, because not only do you have to have five cards to throw in the graveyard, but then you need to nuke your side of the field as well, leaving you at a huge disadvantage, as the opponent still has cards in his/her hand.
  • In a deck of Reptile-Type monsters, this card works perfectly with "Vennominaga, since "Vennominaga is unaffected by the effect of any other card, you can Discard 5 Reptile-Type monsters to clear the Field and give to "Vennominaga" a boost of 2500 ATK
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