• "Pyro Clock of Destiny" can be used to speed up the win condition by 1 turn; however, 1-turn stall cards like those listed above are generally better since they are useful even before "Final Countdown" has been drawn.
    • If you do use "Pyro Clock of Destiny", aim for using only 1 copy for maximum utility, as winning after 19 turns have passed is essentially the same as winning after 18 turns (since the 19th turn is your turn and you can just pass it). A second "Pyro Clock of Destiny" will be nearly useless unless you draw and activate a third, and successfully drawing and using all three copies in your Deck is quite unlikely.
    • For the adventurous, "Pyro Clock of Destiny" is the only way to win with "Final Countdown" in one turn, if you can set up a loop to activate it at least 19 times in the same turn.
    • Although the cards have no synergy, “Mischief of the Time Goddess” can also speed up the countdown because it skips a turn completely.
  • If you can set up the World Lock with this card, you can skip your opponent's turns indefinitely until you win.
  • Since this card's effect wins the duel and as such does not start a chain, the winning effect cannot be negated after this card's activation.
  • You can activated "Foolish Burial Goods" to send it to the GY, then activated "A Feather of the Phoenix" to top deck it for next turn.
    • Alternatively you can activate "Draw of Fate" choosing "Final Countdown" and any 2 draw cards of different names to guarantee to have it by your next turn.


  • If you are running 3 copies of this card to draw it sooner, once you activate one, the other 2 are just dead draws. If you happen to draw a second copy of this card, just Set it as a bluff.
    • You can also run cards like "Dark World Dealings" and "Good Goblin Housekeeping": if you haven't drawn a copy yet, they will help search for it; if you already have, then any extra copies can be easily discarded or sent back to the Deck in exchange for another card.
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