• "Fenrir" works well with "Ojama Trio". Every turn you will destroy an Ojama Token, inflicting 300 damage to your opponent, and making them skip their next draw phase, making it highly improbable that they can get out of the deck lock down. Summon more monsters in the turns in between for a final finish.
  • While "Fenrir" requires more monsters to be removed from the Graveyard than "Aqua Spirit", its lower ATK score allows it to be retrieved from the Graveyard using "Salvage", turning it into renewable ammo for the effects of "Abyss Soldier" or "Cranium Fish".
  • This card can create a lock with "Black Garden". Summon "Fenrir", then activate "Black Garden". After that, every turn you summon a monster, "Black Garden" will put a Rose Token on your opponent's side of the field for "Fenrir" to destroy, activating its effect and forcing your opponent to skip their Draw Phase.
  • Utilizing "Umiiruka" can make it considerably easier to destroy monsters with this card.
  • This card works well with "Mini-Guts" (provided that you tribute another monster).

Traditional Format

  • Together with "Yata-Garasu", you may block your opponent's normal draw. "Fenrir" is useful if your opponent controls a monster and "Yata-Garasu" is when your opponent does not.
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