• This card can be searched by "Temple of the Kings", "Dogu", "Single Purchase", "Transmodify", "Painful Escape", "Number 29: Mannequin Cat", "Rescue Ferret", "Machina Armored Unit", and "Qliphort Genius".
  • Contrary to logic at first glance, a Pendulum Monster used as material for this card's face-up Tribute Summon will return to your hand. This strategy is very convenient for setting up a Pendulum Summon while you control a monster you want to use as one of the scales, though one should note that because you're Tribute Summoning this card it does cost you your Normal Summon.
  • You can use this card to return your monster originating from the Extra Deck to said deck.
    • If you control a Tuner and/or Level 5 monster other than the monster you returned, you can Synchro or Xyz Summon using this card, perhaps even Synchro/Xyz Summoning the same monster you returned. This can be very handy for activating the "soft" once per turn effect(s) of a monster that already activated its effect(s) this turn, or summoning it back to the field without being affected by certain cards that affected it beforehand.
  • At the cost of your Extra Deck summon that turn, you can use the above strategy against your opponent's own Extra Deck monster by using "The Monarchs Stormforth" and Tribute Summoning using the target monster. This can also be handy against certain Semi-Nomi monsters, forcing the opponent to summon that monster under its requirement(s) again.
    • If you returned a face-up monster to your opponent's hand (not to the Extra Deck), you can more safely use cards like Mind Crush or The Forceful Checkpoint since you already know they have the monster in their hand (if they still do by the time you'd activate the card).
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