• Spellcaster-Type monsters with 1500 DEF in the Main Deck other than "Familiar-Possessed - Lyna":
 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeLevel/ RankATK
Allure Queen LV7魅惑の女王 LV7Effect MonsterDARK71500
Altergeist Silquitousオルターガイスト・シルキタスEffect MonsterWIND2800
Angraecum Umbrella相愛のアンブレカムEffect MonsterTuner monsterWATER3500
Apprentice Piper見習い魔笛使いEffect MonsterFlip monsterDARK2100
Ascator, Dawnwalker使神官-アスカトルEffect MonsterEARTH52300
Aussa the Earth Charmer地霊使いアウスEffect MonsterFlip monsterEARTH3500
Avalanching Aussa荒ぶるアウスEffect MonsterEARTH4800
Blazing Hiita燃え盛るヒータEffect MonsterFIRE4800
D.D.M. - Different Dimension MasterD・D・MEffect MonsterLIGHT51700
Dharc the Dark Charmer闇霊使いダルクEffect MonsterFlip monsterDARK3500
Eria the Water Charmer水霊使いエリアEffect MonsterFlip monsterWATER3500
Familiar-Possessed - Aussa憑依装着-アウスEffect MonsterEARTH41850
Familiar-Possessed - Dharc憑依装着-ダルクEffect MonsterDARK41850
Familiar-Possessed - Eria憑依装着-エリアEffect MonsterWATER41850
Familiar-Possessed - Hiita憑依装着-ヒータEffect MonsterFIRE41850
Familiar-Possessed - Wynn憑依装着-ウィンEffect MonsterWIND41850
Fire SorcererファイヤーソーサラーEffect MonsterFlip monsterFIRE41000
Gravekeeper's Assailant墓守の暗殺者Effect MonsterDARK41500
Gravekeeper's Commandant墓守の司令官Effect MonsterEARTH41600
Gravekeeper's Headman墓守の神職Effect MonsterDARK3500
Gravekeeper's Heretic墓守の異端者Effect MonsterDARK41800
Gravekeeper's Oracle墓守の審神者Effect MonsterDARK102000
Gravekeeper's Priestess墓守の巫女Effect MonsterDARK31000
Gravekeeper's Recruiter墓守の召喚師Effect MonsterDARK31200
Gravekeeper's Shaman墓守の祈祷師Effect MonsterDARK61500
Gravekeeper's Spiritualist墓守の霊術師Effect MonsterDARK41500
Green Turtle Summoner玄武の召喚士Effect MonsterFlip monsterWATER3400
Hiita the Fire Charmer火霊使いヒータEffect MonsterFlip monsterFIRE3500
Hydro Magicianハイドロ・マジシャンNormal MonsterWATER51700
Ill WitchセイレーンNormal MonsterLIGHT51600
Injection Fairy Lilyお注射天使リリーEffect MonsterEARTH3400
Legion the Fiend Jester魔道化リジョンEffect MonsterDARK41300
Lyna the Light Charmer光霊使いライナEffect MonsterFlip monsterLIGHT3500
Majespecter Crow - Yataマジェスペクター・クロウPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Masahiro the Dark Clown闇道化師と化したマサヒロEffect MonsterFlip monsterDARK3600
Mythical Beast Medusa魔導獣 メデューサPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Raging Eria逆巻くエリアEffect MonsterWATER4800
Sage with Eyes of Blue青き眼の賢士Effect MonsterTuner monsterLIGHT10
Saggi the Dark Clown闇・道化師のサギーNormal MonsterDARK3600
Servant of Endymionサーヴァント・オブ・エンディミオンPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Sevens Road Magicianセブンスロード・マジシャンEffect MonsterDARK72100
Storming Wynn吹き荒れるウィンEffect MonsterWIND4800
Toy Magicianトイ・マジシャンEffect MonsterLIGHT41600
Windwitch - Glass BellWW-グラス・ベルEffect MonsterTuner monsterWIND41500
Wisdom-Eye Magician慧眼の魔術師Pendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Witchcrafter Pittoreウィッチクラフト・ピットレEffect MonsterWATER31000
Wynn the Wind Charmer風霊使いウィンEffect MonsterFlip monsterWIND3500
Wynn the Wind Medium風霊媒師ウィンEffect MonsterWIND51850
Xiangsheng Magician相生の魔術師Pendulum Monster
Effect Monster
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