• After the Xyz Materials are detached to draw cards, they can then be banished from the Graveyard for "Master Hyperion".


  • Level 4 Fairy monsters that can be used as Xyz Material:
 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeATKDEF
Absorbing Kid from the Sky吸収天児Effect MonsterLIGHT13001000
AgidoアギドEffect MonsterEARTH15001300
Arcana Force I - The MagicianアルカナフォースI-THE MAGICIANEffect MonsterLIGHT11001100
Arcana Force III - The EmpressアルカナフォースⅢ-THE EMPRESSEffect MonsterLIGHT13001300
Arcana Force IV - The EmperorアルカナフォースⅣ-THE EMPEROREffect MonsterLIGHT14001400
Arcana Force VI - The LoversアルカナフォースⅥ-THE LOVERSEffect MonsterLIGHT16001600
Arcana Force VII - The ChariotアルカナフォースⅦ-THE CHARIOTEffect MonsterLIGHT17001700
Aria the Melodious Diva幻奏の音女アリアEffect MonsterLIGHT16001200
Asura Priest阿修羅Effect MonsterSpirit monsterLIGHT17001200
Aurora Paragonオーロラ・アンギラスEffect MonsterLIGHT15001000
... further results (98 more)
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