• This card's effect can return itself to the Extra Deck.
  • If you have Fiend Roar Deity Solcius, Fiend Roar Deity Mihztorji, and two Fiend Roar Deity Cruz in your graveyard, you can create a Levuathan loop. When Levuathan dies return the two Cruz to your hand and return Levuthan to the extra deck. Then by sending the two Cruz from your hand to the graveyard you can revive Solcius (Lvl 6). When the two Cruz's effects activate, have one special summon Mihztorji (Lvl 2 Tuner) and have the second Cruz revive the first (Lvl 2), and your field is set to resummon Levuathan!
  • Card of Safe Return is a given for the above strategy to get a gigantic amount of draw strength from a deck known for its ability to drain a user's hand strength quickly.
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