• This card's effect can return itself to the Extra Deck.
  • To Synchro Summon this card, you can use:
    • Discard "The Fabled Cerburrel" to Special Summon "The Fabled Nozoochee" and use its effect to Special Summon a Level 2 non-Tuner "Fabled" from your hand and then Summon a Level 4 non-Tuner Fabled (2+2+2+4=10);
    • Discard "The Fabled Ganashia" to Special Summon "The Fabled Nozoochee" and use its effect to Special Summon a Level 1 Tuner "Fabled" from your hand and then Summon a Level 4 non-Tuner Fabled (2+1+3+4=10);
    • Use "Fabled Raven's" effect to discard 1 "Fabled Lurrie" and 1 "Goldd"/"Sillva" (4+1+5=10);
    • Normal Summon "Fabled Dyf", use "Fabled Grimro" to search for what you need, then summon "The Fabled Nozoochee" by discarding "Fabled Krus". Use "Fabled Krus" to summon "Fabled Grimro" and chain effects of both "The Fabled Nozoochee" (to summon either "The Fabled Cerburrel", "Fabled Raven", "Fabled Oltro" or "Fabled Miztoji" from your hand) and "Fabled Dyf" (which will tribute itself to summon discarded "Fabled Krus"). Then synchro summon this card (2+2+2+4=10). This is good for a first turn "Pot of Avarice" to continue the summons.
    • Use "Fabled Valkyrus" to discard "The Fabled Cerburrel" and draw, then Synchro Summon this card to gain even more advantage.
    • If you have a "Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World" and you summon "Fabled Raven" and activate it's effect to discard 1 "The Fabled Cerburrel" you can synchro with either "Fabled" tuner into a level 8 or a level 7 synchro monster, then synchro for a "Fabled Leviathan";
    • You can summon this card if you have "Fabled Soulkius", "Fabled Raven" (or any level-2 "Fabled" Tuner), and 2 "Fabled Kushano" in your graveyard, and 2 "Fabled Krus" in your hand. Simply discard both Krus to bring both Kushano back to your hand, and use the effect of both Krus to summon the Tuner and the other Krus from the graveyard. Then discard the 2 Kushano to summon Soulkius (2+2+6=10).
      • With this combination, you can Synchro Summon Fabled Leviathan again every time it's destroyed for virtually no cost. Simply use Leviathan's effect to return itself and the 2 Krus to your hand when it's destroyed. Then repeat the above strategy to summon Leviathan again. Continue to do this each time Leviathan is destroyed and you can keep reviving it indefinitely.
    • Use Fabled Raven in conjunction with Grapha, Dragon Lord of Darkworld (2+8=10). Grapha is easy to revive so it is possible to continuously summon Fabled Leviathan after it is destroyed.
 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelATKDEF
Fabled Kushano魔轟神クシャノEffect Monster
Monster Card
Fabled Miztoji魔轟神ミーズトージEffect Monster
Monster Card
Fabled Oltro魔轟神オルトロEffect Monster
Monster Card
Fabled Raven魔轟神レイヴンEffect Monster
Monster Card
The Fabled Abanc魔轟神獣アバンクEffect Monster
Monster Card
The Fabled Catsith魔轟神獣キャシーEffect Monster
Monster Card
The Fabled Cerburrel魔轟神獣ケルベラルEffect Monster
Monster Card
The Fabled Chawa魔轟神獣チャワEffect Monster
Monster Card
The Fabled Peggulsus魔轟神獣ペガラサスEffect Monster
Monster Card
The Fabled Rubyruda魔轟神獣ルビィラーダEffect Monster
Monster Card
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