• Use this card with at least 1 "Burden of the Mighty" to beat most monsters with "Dragonwing's" effect.
  • "Exploder Dragonwing" can possibly be used to inflict more damage with its effect than damage caused by a normal battle. However, keep in mind that monsters with ATK points lower than half of this card atk will deal less damage.
  • This card can be quite effective against the lower-level Gladiator Beasts,particularly because players tend to use cards that prevent their destruction through battle like "Waboku", "Gladiator Beast's Battle Manica" or similar cards.
  • Use "Nightmare Archfiends" to inflict 2800 damage for each token.
    • Use the above tip with "Battle Mania" to force your opponent to possibly inflict 8400 damage to themselves.
  • This card's effect works regardless of battle position. You can attack a face-up defense position monster and destroy it if its attack is lower. You can also use "Shift" to redirect the attack back to "Exploder Dragonwing".
  • Cards like "D. Tribe" can make summoning this card easier.
  • "Shrink" can also help considerably, if the opponent's monster is at least 1 ATK stronger than this card.
  • This card is perfect for using against any of the "Yubels".
  • "Delta Flyer" in combination with a level 4 Dragon-Type monster can bring this monster out easier. You can also use the effect of "Delta Flyer" to increase the level of level 3 dragon-type monsters in a "Cyberdark" deck.
  • With the release of "Poki Draco", "Debris Dragon" has another Dragon-Type monster it can Special Summon to form the Synchro Material Monsters of this card, besides "Trigon". Kidmodo Dragon will be quite useful with Debris Dragon in a Dragon based deck.
  • This card works well with "Mirror Mail" as it increase this card's attack so you can destroy stronger monsters and burn more damage.
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