• This card's high DEF makes it likely that the opponent will resort to a high Level/Rank monster or a Spell/Trap card to eliminate it. This makes it an excellent target for "Offering to the Snake Deity".
  • Use this card's effect to Summon "Evolsaur Vulcano". Then use the effect of "Vulcano" to revive another Evolsaur monster. Then Overlay the two Dinosaurs into "Evolzar Laggia".
    • Instead of Xyz Summoning, Normal Summon "Ultimate Baseball Kid", which will have 3500 ATK. By attacking directly with "Westlo", "Ulcanodon" and "Ultimate Baseball Kid" and then burning the opponent with the effect of "UBK", 6900 damage can be done.
  • Use "Chaos Infinity" to activate this card's Flip Effect and also Special Summon a Level 4 Meklord Army monster from the Deck. The two monsters can then be combined into an Xyz Monster.
    • Set this card, then use "Chaos Infinity". This will both flip it face-up and Special Summon a Meklord Army monster from the Deck. Use "Westlo" to Special Summon "Evolsaur Vulcano", and use that monster's effect to revive an Evolsaur monster from the Graveyard. Overlay the Meklord Army monster, the revived Evolsaur and Vulcano for a 3 Material Rank 4 Xyz Monster.

Traditional Format

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