• On the first turn of the duel, this card can usually be summoned with 2400 ATK. This assumes that only the monster that Special Summons itself from your hand is played before being Tributed for this card.
  • You can use "Infinite Cards" out to make it very powerful in due time. The whole deck can be centered around this, by having "Infinite Cards", "Enraged Muka Muka", "Heart of the Underdog" and the rest of the Deck composed of mostly Normal Monsters. This lets you draw many cards easily and keep them, giving "Enraged Muka Muka" a potentially very high ATK.
  • If you don't have many cards in your hand, "Morphing Jar" will let you draw 5 cards, and give "Enraged Muka Muka" 3200 ATK.
  • If you play "Spatial Collapse" with "Enraged Muka Muka", you can prevent your opponent from playing any cards that would force you to discard from your hand while simultaneously preventing yourself from Setting any cards from your hand on the field, thus steadily increasing "Enraged Muka Muka's" ATK.

Traditional Format

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