• "Sheep Tokens" can be Tributed for the second effect of "Enemy Controller". Then the new monster can be offered for a Tribute Monster of your own.
  • Three copies of this card on a "Hieratic" Deck can maximize field control plus Xyz Summoning by controlling your opponent's monsters in combination of the Dragon-Type Normal Monster that will be brought.
  • If your opponent's monster is attacked with a monster on your field, and they activate "Sakuretsu Armor", "Enemy Controller" can be Chained to Tribute your own monster to take control of your opponent's monster and proceed with attacking your opponent with their monster. If your opponent activates another "Sakuretsu Armor", then your opponent loses 3 cards, while only 2 of your cards are lost.
  • A "D.D. Survivor" or a "D.D. Scout Plane" can be Tributed while a "Dimensional Fissure" or "Macro Cosmos" is face-up on the field, to take control of your opponent's monster and use it as a Tribute for a monster or in a Synchro Summon. The "Survivor"/"Scout Plane" will return to your side during the End Phase.
  • This card can be activated when your opponent activates "Lightning Vortex", "Mirror Force" or any other card that would destroy your cards. Tribute a monster that would be destroyed and take control of one of your opponent's monster. The monster will be destroyed by the effect of your opponent's card.
  • "Cloudian" monsters can be destroyed with this card by using its first effect to switch one of them into Defense Position, destroying it.
  • This card can be useful against cards like "Caius the Shadow Monarch" when it activates it effect against one of your monsters, this card can be activated to Tribute your monster and gain control of theirs. This will prevent your monster from being banished and will stop them attacking with "Caius" this turn.
    • It can also be used against a lot of other banish cards to put them into the Graveyard rather than being banished.
  • Take control of an opponent's monster, attack with it, then Tribute it for monsters like "Panther Warrior" or "Insect Queen" to attack. At least two opposing monsters could end up be destroyed this way at the cost of one monster on your side.
    • Another idea is to use the captured monster to attack directly with "Infected Mail", then destroy it via the effect of "Infected Mail".
      • Throw in a "Cracking" for an extra bit of damage when the monster is sent to the Graveyard.
  • Destroy a weak monster of your opponent with your monster, then Tribute your monster for "Enemy Controller" to take control of a strong opponents monster to attack, finally use a reborner with Spell Speed 2 ("Birthright", "Return from the Different Dimension", etc.) to bring back your own monster and attack a second time with it. After the Battle Phase, your monster and the opponents monster might be used for a Synchro or Xyz Summon.

Traditional Format

  • Tribute either "Sangan" or "Witch of the Black Forest" to gain their effects, searching out a monster from your Deck, as well as take control of an opponent's monster.
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