• Banish 2 other "Elemental HERO Voltics" to special summon them all on the field by attack with the first "Voltic", given that it can attack twice, you can accomplish this by using "Hero Heart".
    • Although it would help, this card doesn't have to attack twice, because the second "Voltic" summoned by the effect of the first can attack and special summon the third. Then, the third can summon a different Elemental HERO that would happen to be banished as well.
  • A lot of Elemental HERO users forego the use of "Fusion Gate" because it prevents the use of "Miracle Fusion" later--this card gets around that disadvantage and if the monsters summoned by "Voltic" do happen to be destroyed later, they can then be used with "Miracle Fusion".
  • Combine with "Hero Mask" and "Feather Shot" to get an extra attack with each damage this card inflicts.
  • You can also use the effect of "Elemental HERO Divine Neos" and banish "Elemental HERO Voltic" just to bring him back and bring back another hero that was banished.
  • You can use "Phantom of Chaos" to banish an effect Elemental HERO from your Graveyard. Then use "Voltic's" effect to swarm the field and special summon the banished Elemental HERO. Since "Phantom of Chaos" copies the name of the effect monster, he can be used in a fusion summon. "Elemental HERO Prisma" can also be used to send effect Elemental HEROES from the deck to the Graveyard for "Phantom of Chaos'" effect. Using this method, you can special summon monsters like "Elemental HERO Bladedge" instead of tributing 2 monsters for a normal summon.
  • Use "Gold Sarcophagus" and attack with this card to special summon any Elemental HERO from your deck.
  • "Common Charity" can let you draw 2, banish a normal monster like "Elemental HERO Neos", and let you summon it after doing some battle damage with "Elemental HERO Voltic", with "Skyscraper" raising your attack against stronger monsters.
  • Discard "Elemental HERO Captain Gold" to get "Skyscraper", banish it with "Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade" or "Soul of Purity and Light", and use "Elemental HERO Voltic" to attack and special summon "Elemental HERO Captain Gold". The possibilities of combos for this card are nearly endless given the power of "Skyscraper", "Elemental HERO Neos", and its diversity in synergy from its many draw/search/graveyard manipulation engines for normal monsters, Warriors, LIGHT monsters, and Elemental HEROES.
  • Combine this card with "Summoning Curse". Special Summon "Voltic" through any means, then because of "Summoning Curse" you banish 1 Elemental HERO Monster from your hand (Preferably another "Voltic" to continue the combo) then make "Voltic" do battle damage and get the Elemental HERO you banished, turning "Summoning Curse" into a good thing for you but, bad for you opponent.
    • Also doing the "Des Counterblow" OTK with this card, "Dimensional Fissure"/"Macro Cosmos" and Summoning curse will be easier, since you just remove the "Voltic" from your hand to start the process.

Traditional Format

  • You can Special Summon "Elemental HERO Stratos" with this card's effect to activate one of its abilities.
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