• Use "Solemn Judgment" to increase the difference between you and the opponent.
  • If your Life Points are equal to or lower than this card's ATK (before adding in the boost from its own effect), it will always be strong enough to defeat your opponent in a single hit, regardless of how many Life Points they have left. For that reason, Megamorph works well in combination with this card.
  • If your opponent has 8000 LP, you can target this card with "Psychic Fervor" while you have more than 5250 LP to give this card a massive ATK boost (with 5300 LP before "Psychic Fervor", this card will have 15600 ATK (2500+5200+7900) after it resolves). Even if you and your opponent have equal LP before activating "Psychic Fervor", this card's ATK will be boosted to 7500 (2500+2500+2500) after it resolves.
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