• This card would work well in an "Elemental HERO" Deck. Not only would a dedicated user have the required number of Attributes to use, but Doriado's ability to negate the summoning of a monster would work hand in hand with "Elemental Hero The Shining".
  • This card would also work well in a "Six Samurai" Deck, another deck that contains the requires Attributes, and also, the "Shadow Six Samurai" monsters include many effects that deal with banishing.
  • This card is easy to summon in a "World Chalice" deck, since the monsters in this deck span 6 different attributes. This deck's playstyle leads to many monsters being sent to the graveyard for link summons, making for a very easy set up for this card's summoning condition to be met.
  • This card is easy to summon in an "Elementsaber", as most of the monsters in this deck can change their attributes in the GY. The monsters also span the 6 different attributes as well.
    • For an added bonus, you can change the attribute of an "Elementsaber" to DIVINE, to give this card an extra 500 ATK.

Traditional Format

  • Both of this card's effects make it an excellent candidate for "Last Turn". With this card bearing 3000 to 3500 ATK, very few monsters will be able to destroy it by battle. Even then, you can negate the Special Summon that your opponent performs with "Last Turn's" effect, leaving you as the sole player controlling monsters.
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