• Use this card against monster(s) with multiple Attributes, so the opponent won't get another choose.
  • Combo this card with "Widespread Dud", by selecting two monster your opponent control with different Attribute, your opponent will have to destroy one monster with Dud's effect.
  • Use this card in a Yubels Deck if your opponent is using non-DARK Monster(s) in his deck. This will force him to either destroying his Monster(s) or destroy your "Yubel" to bring out its next form.
  • If your opponent's strategy wagers into a single Attribute, non-LIGHT Deck, (such as "Destiny HERO" archetype) you could pair this card with "Miracle Flipper". Hence, your opponent will have to choose between losing their whole single-element frontline and - via the Flipper's effect - losing their strongest contender on the field.
  • Combo this card with "Fortune Lady Light" if you have "Fortune Lady Fire" in your deck and your opponent has non-Light monster(s). By selecting Light's Attribute and your opponent monsters' Attribute, you may either destroy his monster(s) by Earthshaker's effect or by Fire's effect.
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