• If you already are maining three copies of Mystical Space Typhoon, this is a good card to sidedeck for extra destruction of your opponent's Spells and Traps in the event they are running a deck containing mainly Spells and/or Traps.
  • Set a Trap Card that can only be activated during your turn (such as "Hidden Spellbook") or would be useful during your turn (such as "Skill Successor").
  • You can use this card to Set a Trap Card that you just drew during your opponent's turn (by the effect of "Skelengel", "Jar of Greed", etc.).
  • Use this card to save one of your Spell/Trap Cards from an effect that forces you to send cards from your hand to the Graveyard (like Card Destruction).
  • Use this card's second effect to meet the requirements of cards, whose effect is related to the number of cards in your hand, such as "Infernity" cards or "Blade Knight".
  • This card could some benefit from decks that use Temple of the Kings. If for some reason, you didn't 'use Temple of the Kingss effect and your opponent activates Mystical Space Typhoon during your own End Phase to destroy this card, you can chain this card to destroy any other Set card your opponent might have or their own Mystical Space Typhoon if you still want to Set another card. Not only your opponent will waste their Mystical Space Typhoon, this card can serve a bait so you can Set something you didn't want to risk. With Temple of the Kings, you could also activate that newly Set card if you use this card on your opponent's turn.
    • Because of Temple of the Kings, this card has that advantage over Mystical Space Typhoon of being activated in the End Phase since Mystical Space Typhoon can't be activated the same turn it was Set.
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