• While you can Summon "Dragon Master Knight" by Fusion Summoning it with both "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" and "Black Luster Soldier", it's better to use "Black Luster Soldier" from your hand instead as material. However, it can't be Summoned from the Graveyard by "Monster Reborn" or other similar cards since it wasn't Ritual Summoned properly.
  • A Fusion substitute such as "The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion" can be used instead of "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". This makes "Dragon Master Knight" much easier to Summon and requires fewer cards. If using a Dragon Deck, you can Summon this monster using a Fusion substitute with "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" and have no "Black Luster Soldier" to unbalance your Deck, but you will still need a Fusion card because "Dragon Master Knight" cannot be Special Summoned otherwise.
  • Using "Fusion Gate" allows multiple Fusions from a single card, and reduces the number of cards required for the Summon.
    • "Return from the Different Dimension" or "Dimension Fusion" (Traditional Format) can swarm your field with the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"s used to summon "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" and "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" for a 2000 ATK boost and 4 other powerful dragons. As your total ATK strength would be 20500, a OTK is likely.
      • You can then use "Fusion Gate" to fusion summon another "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". This is especially useful if you didn't defeat your opponent before "Return from the Different Dimension" banishes the monsters again
        • You can then Summon another "Dragon Master Knight" if a "Black Luster Soldier" is available.
  • "Dragon's Mirror" can be used to Fusion Summon a "The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion" with a discarded "Black Luster Soldier", this is treated as a Fusion Summon, fulfilling the card text, while taking advantage of the fact that it does not need the exact materials.
  • Use the effect of "King of the Swamp" to discard it to the Graveyard and discard "Black Luster Soldier" for something like "Divine Wrath", "Raigeki Break", or “Danger!” cards to clear up the field and use "Dragon's Mirror" to Summon a 5000 ATK and 5000 DEF monster. Also, the variety of Decks "King of the Swamp" is good for makes this Fusion pretty much good for any Deck.
    • Alternatively, discard "King of the Swamp" to fetch "Polymerization", and then discard that "Polymerization" to play "Revoke Fusion", sending "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" to the Graveyard. This also provides the same Graveyard setup to summon this card via "Dragon's Mirror".
    • "Gale Dogra", "Fusion Guard", “Zaborg the Mega Monarch”, and “Extra-Foolish Burial” can also send "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" to the Graveyard for this purpose.
  • This is a very great card to use with "Last Turn" (Traditional Format only), since there are not any cards aside from Fusion Monsters, which are not in the Deck that have enough original ATK that can overpower it.
  • If you have three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons", "King of the Swamp" and "Dragon's Mirror" in your hand, you can discard "King of the Swamp" to add a "Polymerization" to your hand and fuse the "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" in your hand to Fusion Summon "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". Use "Dragons Mirror" to remove from play "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" from the field and "King of the Swamp" in your Graveyard to Fusion Summon "Dragon Master Knight".
  • The easiest way to fusion summon this card is to have any monster on the field change it's name to "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" with "Fusion Tag" and summon "The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion", then use the latter's effect to fuse both monsters.
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