• This card can be effective when used to Normal Summon a monster with an effect that activates upon its Normal Summon, specially if the said monster Special Summons another monster or adds a card to its owner's hand, aleviating the loss of card advantage caused by this card while also setting up more combos with the second Normal Summoned monster and the additional card provided by it. Examples include "ROM Cloudia", "Trickstar Candina", "Magician's Rod", "Junk Synchron", "Tour Guide From the Underworld", "Draconnet", "Deep Sea Diva", etc.
  • In a "Naturia" Deck, this card can be used to allow "Naturia Bamboo Shoot" to be quickly Tribute Summoned, effectivelly locking the opponent from activating Spell/Trap Cards.
  • This card can be used after Normal Summoning "The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode" to the opponent's field, allowing the player to effectively get rid of 3 of their monsters while still being able to perform another Normal Summon and possibly a sequence of combos.
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