• Like "Crush Card Virus"; This card pairs well with "Dimensional Fissure" and "Soul Absorption". This card destroys every strong monster in the opponent's hand and on the field, "Dimensional Fissure" banishes them, and "Soul Absorption" gives its controller 500 Life Points for each monster banished.
  • "Jinzo" and its anti-Trap effect can be detrimental to a Virus Control Deck, due to its reliance on Trap cards. However, it can be countered simply by summoning this card.
  • The moment you summon this card, use "Mask Change II" on it to summon "Masked HERO Dark Law" to banish the opponent's destroyed Monsters. This can be devastating against a Graveyard-reliant Deck.
  • Use effects to increase this card's ATK so you can use "Deck Devastation Virus" or "Eradicator Epidemic Virus" with this card to destroy even more of your opponent's cards.
  • When this card is Summoned, your opponent's Monsters will be destroyed for their next three turns, if those Monsters have at least 1500 ATK. During the span of those turns, use cards that force your opponent to draw("Present Card", "Hand Destruction", "Sasuke Samurai 3", etc.) in order to destroy as many high-powered Monsters as possible.
  • Use "Nightmare Archfiends" before summoning this card to deal 2400 damage, and possibly have an opportunity to attack directly.
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