Traditional Format

  • Use two copies "Soul Release" to banish several Effect Monsters from both your and your opponent's Graveyard while you control "Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend". Then use his effect to destroy the Monsters and inflict a great deal of damage.
  • Once a "Dark Magician of Chaos" is destroyed, you can use this card to bring it back. Then his effect would let you return this card to your hand. This allows you to use him as many times as you like (Assuming you have 2000LP to spare, if not you can use "Spell Economics").
  • If you are about to use this card, make sure that it won't Special Summon any powerful monsters to your opponent's side of the field by using "Burial from a Different Dimension" and returning up to 3 of that player's monsters to your opponent's Graveyard before activating this card.
  • Multiple combos are possible with "Cyber Valley". Using a Cyber Valley", "Dark Magician of Chaos", "Spell Economics" and this card, it is possible to draw the entire deck. First, Summon "Dark Magician of Chaos" or banish it from your hand via "Allure of Darkness", then activate "Spell Economics" and Summon a "Cyber Valley". Use the second effect of "Cyber Valley" to banish "Dark Magician of Chaos" and draw 2 cards, then use this card Special Summon both "Cyber Valley" and "Dark Magician of Chaos". "Exodia" is a good way for win, and another interesting finisher is "Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End", that can be tributed for an incredible amount of Direct Damage. It is possible to perform a similar combo with three "Cyber Valley" (searched by "Machine Duplication"), "Spell Economics" and this card. Though less effective, it is cheaper and faster. Summon "Cyber Valley", then use "Machine Duplication" or "Inferno Reckless Summon" to have three "Cyber Valley" into play. Activate "Spell Economics", then banish 2 "Cyber Valley" to draw 2 cards for their first effect. Then, activate this card to bring them back and use "Cyber Valley"'s second effect to put this card from your Graveyard on top of your Deck. There is no Card Advantage (because the extra card drawn is banished by the effect of "Cyber Valley", but it is possible to banish huge monster to bring back via this card. An unique option is "Kuraz the Light Monarch", that can deck the opponent out or banish all cards from the Field for an overwhelming attack.
  • When using a "Venom" Deck, your opponent may side deck a "Macro Cosmos". You can use this effect to your advantage by using "Snake Rain" to banish 5 "Venom" monsters, and then use this card to return them.
  • Using "Fusion Gate" or the "A-to-Z" archetype, it is possible to return the used fusion monsters and either use them in another fusion or make a mass attack with the returned monsters.
    • Add "Return from the Different Dimension" to this combo and it is possible to summon 3 "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragons" in 1 turn as long as you have at least 2000 Life Points. First, activate "Fusion Gate" and banish 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" to Fusion Summon "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", then activate this card to Special Summon your 3 banished "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" and fuse them again, then activate "Return from the Different Dimension" to get 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" again and fuse them into the third "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon".
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