• When using this card, target your "D.D. Destroyer" in order to get rid of two of your opponent's monsters.
  • Use this card with "Emergency Provisions", you will gain 1000 Life Points and neither Monster will return to the Field.
  • You can select "Tokens", so it is a great combination with "Scapegoat", or other "Tokens", to take out an opponent's Monsters for a few turns.
  • Though not as reliable as "Dimensionhole", this card can temporarily remove a "Spirit" monster from play. Make sure that this card is destroyed as soon as possible during next turn (by using "Malevolent Catastrophe", for example).
  • Use this card to remove from play a "Gladiator Beast" and a powerful monster your opponent controls to take a break from it for a while. Then, next time you tag out for a "Gladiator Beast" choose "Gladiator Beast Bestiari", so you can destroy this card to get back your other beast, and Special Summon "Gladiator Beast Gyzarus" by returning both your "Gladiator Beasts" to the deck. Then, you can use "Gyzarus'" effect to finally destroy that opponent's monster, and possibly another card.
  • Use "Brain Control", (Traditional Format only) "Mind Control" or other cards to take control of your opponent's monster. Then remove it and another monster your opponent controls from the game.

Traditional Format

  • If this card is returned to the hand by "Giant Trunade", neither banished monster will return and you can use its effect once more. Remember if you select a face-up "D.D. Survivor" or "D.D. Scout Plane", they will return to the field during the End Phase.
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