• If running out of monsters, summon "Destiny HERO - Defender" with this card. With a DEF of 2700, it will guard against most of the opponent's attacks.


  • Level 4 or lower "Destiny HERO" monsters that can be Special Summoned from the hand or Deck:
 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Destiny HERO - Blade MasterD-HERO ダガーガイEffect MonsterDARKWarrior3300600
Destiny HERO - Captain TenaciousD-HERO ダイハードガイEffect MonsterDARKWarrior3800800
Destiny HERO - CelestialD-HERO ディバインガイEffect MonsterDARKWarrior416001400
Destiny HERO - Dark AngelD-HERO ダークエンジェルEffect MonsterDARKWarrior100
Destiny HERO - DeciderD-HERO ディシジョンガイEffect MonsterDARKWarrior416001000
Destiny HERO - DefenderD-HERO ディフェンドガイEffect MonsterDARKWarrior41002700
Destiny HERO - DepartedD-HERO ディパーテッドガイEffect MonsterDARKWarrior210000
Destiny HERO - Diamond DudeD-HERO ダイヤモンドガイEffect MonsterDARKWarrior414001600
Destiny HERO - Disk CommanderD-HERO ディスクガイEffect MonsterDARKWarrior1300300
Destiny HERO - Doom LordD-HERO デビルガイEffect MonsterDARKWarrior3600800
... further results (6 more)
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