• Use this card with "Grinder Golem" when there already a monster on your field. That monster can then be Tributed along with the two "Grinder Tokens" that had been given to Summon this card. Then equip the monster with 3000 ATK on your opponent's side of the field to this card. Then "Destiny HERO - Plasma" will have 3400 ATK.
  • By Special Summoning "Grinder Golem", and then using a card to take control of it from your opponent (the discard effect of "Marionette Mite"works well here), "Grinder Golem" can be Tributed and your two "Grinder Tokens" to Summon this card.
  • If there is already two DARK monsters on your side of the field that can be Tributed, Special Summon 1 "Caligo Claw Crow" from your hand and Tribute them. In additional, if there is no other DARK monsters in your Graveyard, Special 1 "Dark Armed Dragon" from your hand, if the Tribute monsters are all on your Graveyard.
  • "Fires of Doomsday" can be used during your opponent's End Phase to Summon the two Tokens, then Summon another monster when it is your turn. Tribute all of them to Special Summon "Destiny HERO - Plasma".
  • If "Cyclone Blade" is equipped to this card; each time it attack, the equipped monster can be destroyed and on your next turn equip another monster to it.
  • This card can be easily summoned with the effect of "Ojama Red".
    • With the effect of "Ojama Red", use "Ojamagic" beforehand to collect each and any "Ojama".
  • The monster equipped with this card can be destroyed with "Release Restraint Wave" while at the same time clearing your opponent's back row.
  • If this card is Summoned alongside "The Wicked Avatar", a two-turn lockdown will happen on your opponent with two very large beatsticks.
  • For many lock-on ways, this monster's effect should combined with cards like "Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8"/"Spell Canceller", "Jinzo"/"Royal Decree" and "Necrovalley"/"The End of Anubis". By adding an "Angel O7", your opponent is able to do nothing.
    • For instance, "Angel O7" could be replaced for "Vanity's Ruler", thus blocking the power of the opponent's Nomi monsters. (Make sure "Plasma" is Summoned early, and Tribute Summoned "Vanity's Ruler" with "Gellenduo".)
  • Also if your opponent controls a "Inzektor Giga-Mantis", it can be equipped to "Plasma" to make its ATK 3600.
  • If your opponent controls at least 2 monsters, Normal Summon "Cosmic Compass", then Special Summon "Plasma". Then your opponents monster can be taken.
  • Zombie Decks work well with this card, using their swarming traits to quickly gain Tributes and regenerating traits to bring them back from the Graveyard.

Traditional Format

  • In a Dragon Deck, you can Tribute 3 Dragons to summon this card, and use "Super Rejuvenation" to draw 3 cards during the End Phase.
  • This monster can be Summoned from your Deck by using "Future Fusion" and "The Warrior Returning Alive". First, activate "Future Fusion" and target "Elemental HERO Gaia". Send "Elemental HERO Stratos" and "Dandylion" as the Fusion Material to the Graveyard, to get two Tokens on the field. Then, activate "The Warrior Returning Alive" to add "Stratos" from your Graveyard to your hand. Summon "Stratos", search out "Destiny HERO - Plasma" and Summon it by Tributing "Stratos" and the Tokens. This way, "Plasma" comes out without losing your card advantage and will still get "Gaia" later.
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