• Use "Appropriate" to draw 2 extra cards during each of your opponent's turns. This can be especially useful for "Exodia" Decks.
  • You can use this card's negative effect to help your opponent Decking Out.
    • It also can help making your opponent discard by having more than 6 cards in the hand.
    • It can also be good against Infernity Decks, forcing your opponent to draw 2 cards during their turn and disable Infernity effects.
  • Summon three of these and activate "Greed". Your opponent loses 1500 Life Points per turn and his/her deck gets thinning. Then tribute them for "Destiny HERO - Dogma" and cut his/her life points in half. Alternatively, Summon "Dogma" before summoning three "Defenders", to drain your opponent of lifepoints in only 3 turns (or less, if "Dogma" can attack directly).
  • "Robbin' Goblin" works well with this card. If you also use "Staunch Defender", "Battle Mania", etc. you can take advantage of your defender's effect, making your opponent discard cards quickly and deal damage.
  • This card can be a very powerful beatstick in an "Ojama" Beatdown Deck, as under "Ojama Country" it will have 2700 ATK. Also, being in Attack Position, the opponent will not get any free draws.
  • Since Trap Cards are more vulnerable to destruction you can always use "Stronghold Guardian" instead of "D2 Shield". Plus, it's a Warrior like "Destiny HERO - Defender" and you can search for it with "Reinforcement of the Army". Also, you can save more monsters with this card because "D2 Shield" doesn't give a flat amount to help the weaker monsters too.
  • To keep your opponent from getting a double draw, summon Masked HERO Dark Law. Dark Law's effect will activate during your opponent's standby phase draw and send their extra card to the graveyard.

Traditional Format

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