• Combined with "Astral Barrier", all monsters that attack you will be destroyed, but battle damage will still be inflicted.
    • Use card that reduce battle damage or regain LP to compensate the loss.
    • Use this card while you control an "Underworld Fighter Balmung" and have another one in your Graveyard. After you attack directly with it, this card will destroy it, letting you summon the second copy of "Balmung" from your Graveyard. Repeat this cycle for an OTK.
  • This card can be effective against Decks that rely on direct attacks, such as "Toon", "Watt", and "Earthbound Immortal" Decks, forcing them to attack normally.
  • This card can be useful in a "Kozmo" Deck, increasing the chances of an OTK if one manages to successfully attack directly with a high-Level Machine-Type" "Kozmo" monster (as they can Special Summon other monsters when destroyed).
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