• Normal Summon "Summoner Monk" and activate its effect to get a "Mist Valley Soldier". Synchro for a level 8 and then remove "Summoner Monk" and "Mist Valley Soldier" for this card.
    • Another, possibly better way to summon this card in a Blackwing deck is to run 3 copies of "Eccentric Boys", and using his ability to Synchro Summon with another card in your hand (in this case a level 3, 4 or 5 Blackwing (DARK monster)) thereby putting a Dark monster and a WIND monster in your Graveyard, allowing you to throw out multiple high attack monster cards.
    • Another combo for the Blackwing cards is to use "Blackwing - Abrolhos the Megaquake" use its effect to return all spell/trap cards back to your opponent's hand. Next activate "Swallow's Nest" in order to tribute "Blackwing - Abrolhos the Megaquake" to summon this card.
  • Try this card with a Ninja deck. Use "Ninjitsu Art of Transformation" on "Strike Ninja" or "Goe Goe the Gallant Ninja". With "Ninjitsu Art of Transformation", "Anti-Spell Fragrance" and a Level 4 Ninja on your field, your opponent will wonder his next round. In addition, "Goe Goe" and "Strike Ninja" are WIND and DARK monsters that may be used in order to Special Summon this card.
    • You can also use the effect of "Lady Ninja Yae" to clear the field of the opponent's Spells/Traps. then summon this card to prevent your opponent from simply re-setting them.
  • An easy way to Summon this card is to use "The Tricky", discarding a DARK monster, then tributing it, thereby putting one Wind and one Dark monster in the Graveyard.

General Tips

  • This card works well with "Final Destiny if you have at least 7 cards in your hand, including 1 WIND and 1 DARK monster. Discard them all to destroy all cards on the field, and later, Special Summon this card from your Hand by banishing the WIND and the DARK monster discarded
  • This card can be part of a lockdown: Use "Anti-Spell Fragrance" so that your opponent can't activate Spell Cards from their hand, nor activate them when on the field. They also cannot set any Trap Cards (although they can still activate ones that are already Set), and they can't defend with face-down monsters, they can only Normal or Special Summon.
  • A good strategy is to combine this card with "Armed Dragon" because "Armed Dragon" is WIND. If you can play "Armed Dragon LV10", this card" and "Anti-Spell Fragrance" the lockdown is even better because now you can keep destroying your opponents monsters every turn.
  • This card works extremely well with Blackwings because it prevents your opponent from setting cards (Spells, Traps and Monsters), which means all of your Blackwings will be able to attack without worrying about face-down card.
  • This card is a very great addition in a "Monarch" Deck.
    • It can be searched by the effect of "Ehther the Heavenly Monarch" and recovered from the Graveyard by the effect of "Erebus the Underworld Monarch".
    • This card works best in this Deck when Tribute Summoned and there are many cards in this Deck that can help to Tribute Summon this card.
    • This card be Special Summoned by its own effect in this Deck since there are alot of monsters with different types of Attributes including Wind and Dark in this Deck.
    • This card's effect is a great addition to the Deck's ability of locking down the opponent's Extra Deck, further restricting their moves.
  • A very fast way to search for this card is to Synchro Summon "Blackwing Armor Master" and then activating "Swallow's Nest", selecting this card.
  • Although very difficult to pull off, An almost-complete lock-down can be used with this card. First, set "Interdimensional Matter Transporter" and "Anti-Spell Fragrance". Try clearing your opponent's field. Summon either "The Last Warrior from Another Planet" or this card first, and activate IMT. Chain "Anti-Spell Fragrance". After that, Summon either this card or "The Last Warrior from Another Planet", depending on what you summoned first. At the End Phase, you'll get the other monster back. The "Dark Fragrance" combo shuts down your opponent's Spells, Traps and Sets, while the "Last Warrior" prevents either player from Summoning any further monsters.
    • This lock-down can be broken by using "Puppet Plant" to gain control of "The Last Warrior from Another Planet" and then getting rid of him (suiciding it on this card, tribute, etc...). Other monsters that activate from the hand are also threats. "Angel O7" can be used to stop them.
      • An alternate option for locking your opponent's straight-from-hand Monster Effects would be "Mind Drain", as it doesn't require a Tribute Summon (or any Summon in general) in order to use its effect (just pay 1000 LP).
    • Other problems are "Lava Golem" and "Volcanic Queen" because they can tribute your monsters so adding a "Mask of Restrict" might help.
  • Another lockdown is as follows: Your opponent have 5 tokens on field (Ojama Tokens, Rose Tokens, doesn't matter) and no spells and traps. You have this card in defense position (not letting to suicide tokens) along with "Anti-Spell Fragrance" and "Mask of Restrict". You can later summon for e.g. "Drill Warrior" to damage opponent while not letting him suicide his tokens. Or you can even use burn cards or whatever that damages your opponent while not letting him kill his tokens.
  • This card can support a Dragunity/Blackwing deck.
  • This card can also help a Dragunity/Cyberdark deck.
  • This card may also be a good side-deck choice against Infernity decks. A common play consists of the Infernity user Setting all the cards in his hand, allowing him to use cards such as "Infernity Launcher". With this card, your opponent will not be able to set the cards to empty his hand.
  • Watch out for cards like "Skill Drain" or "Effect Veiler" because of their ability to remove this card's effect, therefore preventing you to maintain your combo. "Hand Destruction" cards and cards like "Mystical Space Typhoon", can prevent this.
    • "Effect Veiler" does nothing to this card itself, due to the fact that "Effect Veiler" works on the opponent's turn and not the user's turn, and your opponent cannot set cards during your turn normally, but it can neutralize cards that can set up this card, such as "Monarchs", "Dark Grepher" or "Armageddon Knight".
  • "Guardian Eatos" and "Chaos Hunter" are two high-level, powerful monsters that give a massive boost to this card as "Eatos" is WIND and "Chaos Hunter" is DARK, both have 2500 ATK and both can be summoned to the field relatively easy. In addition, "Chaos Hunter" protects this card and other monsters from effects like "Dimensional Prison" and "Chaos Sorcerer".
  • This card can be a good siding option for a Generation Fish deck that runs "Ally of Justice Catastor". Because many of the monsters in the archetype are WIND, you can easily Special Summon this card with its effect while "Catastor" is in the Graveyard. As an added bonus, you'll get the advantage of having your Fish banish, where it is at its most useful.
  • This card can virtually completely shut down a Ghostrick Deck.

Traditional Format

  • Activate "Giant Trunade" before you summon this card safely on the field. That way your opponent cannot set cards again while this card is on the field.
    • "Cold Wave" also helps protect this card on the turn it is summoned; you can also shut your opponent down temporarily with it.
  • If you have "Graceful Charity", you can discard a WIND and a DARK monster, then banish them to summon this card.
  • Activate "Heavy Storm" before you Summon this card safely on the field. That way your opponent cannot Set cards again while this card is on the field.
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