• You can Ritual Summon this card with one tribute by using "Ritual Raven"
  • "Dark Master - Zorc" is often overlooked due to the negative effect of rolling a six. However, "Zorc" is similar to "Snipe Hunter" in many respects and can be extremely powerful when paired with proper support to mitigate the risk.
    • Use "Dice Re-Roll" for a better chance of success.
    • Use "That Six" to ensure that only the opponent's cards get destroyed; If the roll is a 2, 4, or 6, "That Six" can change it to a 1, whereas if a 1, 3, or 5 is rolled, you can let the roll stand, and a 2 can go either way (being changed to a 1 would not change the outcome). As such, rolling a 1, 2, 4, or 6 will destroy all of your opponent's monsters, while a 3 or 5 will destroy one, but no outcome would destroy your own field.
    • Combine this card with "Ritual Cage" so that "Dark Master - Zorc" won't be destroyed by his own effect if his dice roll lands on 6.
    • Use "Zorc" with "A Deal with Dark Ruler" as security. If you roll a six, you can activate the spell and immediately replace "Zorc" with the more powerful "Berserk Dragon".
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