• Activate "Fires of Doomsday" during the opponent's End Phase and use the two Tokens as Tribute fodder to Summon "Dark Magician of Chaos".
  • Another easy way to Summon "Dark Magician of Chaos" is to activate "Foolish Burial" and send 1 "Dark Magician of Chaos" to the Graveyard. Using "Monster Reborn" to Special Summon "Dark Magician of Chaos" to the field and activate its effect to bring back "Monster Reborn" from the Graveyard to the hand.
  • Using "Battle Mania" whilst having this card with higher ATK in combination with "Chaos Zone" can help fuel Chaos Counters for the Field Spell to Special Summon this card should it be banished by it's own effect.
  • "Dark Magician of Chaos" can be Summoned using the effect of "Magical Dimension", then use the effect of "Dark Magician of Chaos" to recycle "Magical Dimension". This allows yourself (on your next turn) to Summon a low Level monster such as "Apprentice Magician" or "Breaker the Magical Warrior", and Tribute it using the effect of "Magical Dimension" to Summon another powerful Spellcaster such as "Dark Magician" or "Dark Magician Girl" as well as destroying two of your opponent's monsters.
    • If "Dark Magician Girl" is Summoned using the effect of "Magical Dimension", "Sage's Stone" can be activated to Summon a "Dark Magician", thus giving yourself three powerful Spellcasters on your field.
  • Use "Diffusion Wave-Motion" and "Mage Power" with "Dark Magician of Chaos" to have a 3800 ATK monster that banishes and negates all effects of all monsters on your opponent's field.
    • Use "Spell Economics" to boost "Dark Magician of Chaos" ATK even more, while also avoiding the cost of "Diffusion Wave-Motion".

Traditional Format

  • If "Dimension Fusion" is used to Summon this card while "Spell Economics" is on its controller's field, "Dimension Fusion" can be added back to the hand to re-Summon this monster every time it's banished without cost.
  • This card works well with "Escape from the Dark Dimension".
    • Use two copies of "Escape" when this card and "Necroface" are banished. Activate both copies of "Escape" to bring "Necroface" and this card to the field. Activate "Giant Trunade" to return both of the "Escapes" to the hand. This card and "Necroface" will be banished and the effect of "Necroface" will be activated. Set both copies of "Escape" to bring this card and "Necroface" back next turn, then add "Giant Trunade" to the hand with this card's effect.
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